Welcome to home delivery from Other Half Brewing. 1 case minimum!

To begin, click on “Beer for Delivery” under the Shop icon at the top of the page. Make sure you’ve added at least 1 case to your order and that your ZIP code is valid. Orders need to be made in 1 case increments, but you can mix and match the 4-packs in your case. One case is six 4-packs.

To avoid physical contact with our drivers and delivery people, we ask that you be ready for the delivery when we call you. We will drop the beer with a doorman, if available. If not, we’ll wait outside until we can visually identify you. Upon ID, we’ll drop the beer outside your door, walk away and watch for you to receive. Please include any tips online instead of in cash.

As always, we appreciate your business. Every purchase helps us support our amazing staff tirelessly working to provide you the best beer in the game.

Still have questions? Keep reading below for all the deets.

When will my beer-to-go order be delivered?
We will deliver your beer on the day listed on our Instagram and website, typically 1-2 days after you order it. Please have your phone by you, we will call when outside. We will come between 10 am – 6 pm.

What do I need to bring to receive my order?
Your valid photo ID, such as passport or driver’s license, is required to accept delivery of your beer-to-go order. You must be 21 years of age to receive a delivery order.

How much beer can I order?
Right now there are no limits, but all beer must be ordered in 1 case (six 4-pack) increments. Given the current situation, we want to get beer into the hands of people who want it and who make an effort to get it. All orders are made up of a minimum of six 4-packs, you can mix and match styles.

What if I’m not home, or someone over 21 years old is not present at the time of delivery?
We cannot deliver your beer without someone of legal drinking age present to sign for the delivery. If we cannot deliver your beer for any reason, your order will be refunded minus a $25 surcharge and the tip (if applicable).

What if someone other than me will be receiving the delivery?
If you’re purchasing beer for someone else, or if another member of your household will be accepting the delivery on your behalf, please provide their name and telephone number in the “Order Notes” section of the check-out page. Please make sure that whoever is accepting the delivery is prepared with their ID and is 21+ years of age.

What precautions are your drivers and delivery people taking to limit contact?
Drivers and delivery people are equipped with hand sanitizers, gloves, and masks to make sure our beer gets to you as safely as possible.

What is the $1 home delivery charge added to my order?
All delivery orders come with a snack that we are required by law to include with your beer delivery order. The $1 fee is for this food item.

How can I make an edit to an order that’s already been placed?
Unfortunately all orders placed for delivery are final once they’re submitted. Please review your order carefully before checking out!

What beers are available?
Please go to the delivery page on our web store to see current inventories.

How do I order to a pick up point?
We currently offer a limited number of pick up points in the Westchester and Long Island zones. When ordering is open for these zones, you can select these pick up points using the corresponding shipping option during checkout.

If I ordered from a pick up point, when do I get my beer? How do I find the driver once I’m there?
If you order from a pick up point, you should check our Instagram post about your delivery zone to find out when your pick up window is. When you’re checking out, you can click a link that will show a map with the pick up point. Our drivers are typically in Other Half vans in less crowded areas of the parking lot.